Transformation Challenges

28 Day Challenge

Change doesn’t happen overnight. Getting fit, healthy and moving is a process. 28 Days Challenge is all about making small changes to achieve optimal results in health, fitness, weight loss and wellbeing.

The foundations of the program is to find Balance in Fitness, Nutrition, and Motivation & Mindset.

You can expect to achieve weight loss, improved strength, fitness and body shape changes all in 28 days.

8 Week Transformation Challenge

Hanley’s Fitness are the transformation specialists. We’ve been creating remarkable body transformations since 2002.

Our 8 week transformation challenge takes the time to assess your individual needs, be it fat loss, motivation, fitness or improved nutritional understanding and turn it into a personalised program designed specifically to your goals.

What can you expect?

  • An intensive 8 week program focused on giving you a mental and physical body transformation
  • Over 30 sessions a week to choose from (minimum 4 to be completed)
  • Nutritional needs analysis
  • Food shopping tour to suit your nutritional needs and goals
  • Body composition report updated fortnightly
  • Group and one-on-one support
  • Expert guidance
  • Goal setting reviews
  • Daily accountability
  • Pre and post measurements
  • Trust the process and you WILL get amazing results.